The Chiropractic Advantage

Chiropractic has been validated by current research to be the treatment of choice for acute back pain, neck pain, headaches, and is being researched for many other conditions. Chiropractic is the most extensively researched natural or alternative treatment in the world. Compared to side effects of common medicinal treatments, Chiropractic is extremely safe.

Chiropractic offers a natural comprehensive approach to health, utilizing lifestyle improvements, (exercise, nutrition, and stress relief), to treat the whole person without medicine or surgery.

We emphasize optimum health and wellness, as well as prevention instead of waiting for illness and symptoms to treat. We look for the cause of the problem for long term resolution and not just short term masking of symptoms.

Chiropractors are the best and most experienced physicians in treating improperly moving joints and compromised nerve function, called a subluxation. We specifically correct subluxations by hand using the adjustment. You may refer to the following links for more specific explanation: subluxation, adjustment.

Arlington Chiropractic’s extensive educational background is equal in total hours to medical school, consisting of four years of training in clinical studies. One of Boston’s premier Chiropractors, we utilize most modern diagnostic tests, and can identify complicating factors when medication or surgery are unavoidable. Your complete health is our foremost concern!

Modern day Chiropractic was established in 1895 when D.D. Palmer, a healing arts practitioner, restored a deaf janitor’s (Harvey Lillard) hearing by aligning his spine. The health benefits of Chiropractic can be traced to ancient civilizations in the Mediterranean and Asia. Millions of people continue to enjoy improved health, vitality and function through ongoing advancements and applications of Chiropractic treatment, science and research.

What makes chiropractic unique?

Chiropractors are unique among health professionals in addressing the relationship between improper spinal joint function and nerve function as it affects the various body systems. We defined it as the subluxation.

We are also unique as a profession in providing a direct, effective, natural treatment by hand, the adjustment. Both terms are unique to Chiropractic and represent our whole-body approach as opposed to treating isolated muscles or pains. These differences become more apparent when considering the choices that people tend to consider along side - or instead - of chiropractic. How_is_chiropractic_different?

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