Subluxation and Nerve Chart

What is a subluxation?

A subluxation defines the relationship between improperly moving spinal joints and the changed chemistry and function of the corresponding spinal nerve.

Joints affect movement. Their function can be changed suddenly or gradually by either a sudden trauma or repetitive bad postures.

Nerves communicate with precise electrical impulses. Nerves allow for precise communication and control between the body and the brain. Spinal joints are very closely related to spinal nerves. When they do not function properly they affect the communication between the brain and the body. To see that relationship and skip details please click on the following link: Nerve Chart

Detailed explanation:
The relationship between joint mechanics and spinal reflexes happens because information from the spinal joint and other parts of the body are processed in the same nerve center at each spinal level. Information is then sent from the spinal center to the brain for processing. It the spinal joint is irritated it will interfere with proper communication to the brain.

It is similar to someone interrupting your telephone conversation by picking up another extension and talking at the same time. You will either have to raise your voice (nerve irritation) or you will not be understood (nerve inhibition). Either way the communication is affected.

An irritated spinal joint creates back muscle spasm or tightness (from nerve irritation). It can also create over time weak, slow to respond, and easy to fatigue postural muscles ( from nerve inhibition).
The same principle applies to other muscles.

Blood vessels dilate or constrict (open & close) using smooth muscle. Any part that controls movement or flow (bronchioles, intestines, glands etc.) uses muscles to do it's job. This automatic regulation is actually more sensitive than the muscles we can control (that's how your heart can start racing in a millisecond when you get startled).
These muscles can also be affected by an irritated nervous system.

That is how a subluxation and it's correction through Chiropractic has been shown to improve blood pressure, the immune system, asthma, irritable bowel syndromes, headaches, menstrual cramps, abdominal bloating or pressure, and many other conditions. I highlighted the word "improve" and do not claim "cure" because treating these conditions commonly involves more than just chiropractic correction of spinal joints.

The rule of thumb is that the closer the problem is to the spine the more directly chiropractic correction of spinal joints can fix it. The further away from the spine and it's muscles the problem develops the more other factors become important
: environmental factors, hormones, nutrition & diet, stress and lifestyle changes etc.

Complete chiropractic care in our office educates and aids patients on most of these natural and non-invasive factors or solutions. It is up to you - the patient - once presented with all natural or medicine based choices to choose your method. Some patients choose completely natural healthcare and seek
chiropractic care for more than just back and neck pain. Others use it just for spinal pain because that is where it is most directly effective. It is ultimately up to you when the benefits of chiropractic end in your life, health and well-being.

Nerve Chart

scroll & hold over spinal segments to see areas affected
(do not click)

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Chiropractors are unique among health professionals in effectively and directly treating the subluxation. We use a direct, effective, and natural treatment by hand, called the adjustment

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