We would like to thank our many loyal patients that continue to appreciate the services we provide and specifically the following few that have decided to share their experiences with you:

"Hi, Happy to help – you’ve done wonders for me – I’ll never forget how much pain I was in when I first saw you! What a difference! Thanks!

I would highly recommend Dr. Nick.  His attention to whole–body alignment is what makes his therapy unique. He transitions between adjustments by first relaxing the muscles and then making the adjustments which mean that they are very comfortable and never feel forced. His staff is friendly and professional and I feel confident that I am receiving the best of care."  
Cheers,  Steph. V.


I have been to three different chiropractors in the area, and I prefer Dr. Stamoulos.  He really tries to figure out the source of his patient's problems.  He is analytical and thorough.  Some chiropractors seem almost afraid to adjust their patients whereas Dr. Stamoulos just digs right in.  I always feel better leaving than when I walked in.
Renee S.


I've been going to Dr. Nick at Personal Care Chiropractor for 2 months and the chronic back pain that I have felt for 2 years is finally going away!  Over the past 2 years I have had to stop my training due to back pain and muscle spasms that caused me tremendous discomfort.  I tried a number of remedies, heat treatment, cold treatments, anti-inflammatory medicine, and even physical therapy twice a week. Nothing seemed to work until I started getting back alignments from Dr Nick.  My back felt better right away!  He also was able to teach me a set of stretches and exercises that has dramatically improved my posture.

As a bonus I was able to couple the back alignments with a great massage by Anna C. who is a fantastic massage therapist; she is extremely nice and professional. I have gotten many massages and by far this was the best experience ever!  

I feel Dr. Nick has a real passion for chiropractic. He is relaxing, caring, attentive, professional, and both Dr Nick and Anna C. are concerned with getting your body right. I highly recommend at least a consultation.

Jim H.


I was recently diagnosed with a severely herniated disc which caused me tremendous pain and loss of function/sensation in my right leg and foot. After six weeks of physical therapy was of no help, I decided to give chiropractic treatment a try for the first time. I have seen a great improvment in terms of pain, strength, and feeling.  My improvement was so dramatic that I cancelled surgery that was deemed "near emergency" in nature.  My condition is still improving every day thanks to the great treatment and sound advice that I got at Personal Care.

Mike B.


"My sister recommended that I try chiropractic treatments after having months of throat irritations and I had great results with treatments from Dr. Stamoulos. He clearly explained chiropractic care at my first visit and gave me advice on other vitamins that would help me with my overall health. I haven't had any other issues since my first appointment! "

Mark A.


"I was first introduced to Dr. Nicholas Stamoulos back in 2002 when seeking relief from pain sustained from an auto accident. After several hands on chiropractic sessions with Dr. Nick, electro therapy stimulation, and massages with Anna my body was once again pain free and my range of motion restored. Needless to say when I found myself in a similar situation from another auto accident 5 years later I headed straight back into the healing hands of Dr. Nicholas Stamoulos and have not looked back since. He is compassionate, experienced, highly knowledgeable in his field and knows how to listen well and has great respect for his client's body."

Jennifer B.


When I appeared for the first time in your office some 16 months ago...I was in a lot of pain through my shoulders and especially my neck.  I had very limited range of motion in my neck which in my opinion caused me many agonizing migraine headaches. After my 3rd treatment, I was experiencing less neck tension, my shoulder pain was almost completely gone.
With continued treatment, I have regained about 90% of neck range of motion and can say that I have been migraine free for about 3 months. I cannot possibly thank you enough for what your "healing hands" have done to improve my overall well-being. Physically I've never felt better as I do today.
Many thanks for everything...your staff are of tremendous value and support to PCC&M!
Roberta N.


For those who are not familiar with what a chiropractor does, if they go to see Dr. Nick and staff, they are in for a real treat.  Personal Care Chiropractics is not just a place to have your back adjusted, it's place with a very warm and friendly care team that promotes your personal total body wellness. As an athlete who plays a lot of basketball, I was suffering from chronic back and knee pain. You're in great hands with Dr. Nick's who provides sports medicine techniques. Once I was fitted for orthotics, and followed Dr. Nick's instructions, my body recovered, realigned and I haven't had any of the pain I used to have. I especially appreciate how Dr. Nick educates me about being more aware of my body position and to listen better to my body. He answers all of my questions with such patience. After being in a auto accident recently, Dr. Nick incorporated his total body wellness techniques, using a wide variety of methods, helping my back and muscles heal which were also soothed by his massage therapist. It may sound strange to like having your neck cracked, but when I am in Dr. Nick's hands it feels great and I always feel more energized after receiving treatment. I always look forward to going to Personal Care Chiropractic for the friendly atmosphere and great care which I am forever grateful.


I have been seeing Dr. Stamoulos for my carpal tunnel problem. I was having pain on my hand and arm all the way to my shoulder even after surgery and physcial therapy. Since I started chiropractic my pain has not been bothering me as much and my shoulder is fine. After one month of treatment my pain is a lot less frequent.

Thank you.

Maggie L.


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