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Our fast paced and instant gratification focused society has shifted emphasis of modern medicine to:
fast pain relief.
• treating isolated parts, pains and ailments.
• belief that pain or symptoms mean you are sick.
• belief that absence of symptoms means health.
• high-tech and high-cost testing and treatments for advanced disease.
   (we are a country with the highest health-care spending but with the    highest rate of degenerative and preventable disorders).

Research in natural therapies supports a different model:

• The body can heal itself.
• There are many aspects to our health:
   (mental / emotional, chemical / nutritional, structural / physical).
• The balance of all aspects
determines the state our health.
• "Health" is better defined as the balance and level of function of each    aspect as opposed to the onset of pain or symptoms.
• It is more important to treat the cause of a problem, than to treat the    effects or symptoms (most of medicine covers symptoms).

Ideally proper diet, supplements, and healthy lifestyle habits, (proper postures, sleep, exercise, healthy relationships etc.), keep us in optimal function and healthy. Modern society stresses make it difficult to maintain that balance. Most of us are lacking in several aspects of our health. This leads to a decline in function and decline in health. Neglected, it eventually leads to some sort of symptoms, or pain syndrome.

Many have found that Chiropractic is extremely effective in relieving many pain syndromes and conditions naturally and safely. Because Chiropractic often has fast results some erroneously look to Chiropractic like they would to medicine - for a quick fix. The ultimate benefit of regular Chiropractic care is optimal function, health and prevention - not merely treating symptoms.

For those seeking symptom relief the following is a list of conditions that are commonly treated through Chiropractic:

Conditions Commonly Treated
 Neck Pain  Headaches /
 TMJ or jaw pain
 Shoulder Pain
 Back Pain  Sciatica
 Stenosis / Disc Herniation

 Elbow Pain
 Tennis / Golfer's elbow
 Hip Pain  Piriformis Syndrome Wrist Pain / TOS/ Pronator &Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
 Auto Accidents  Sports Injuries /
 Muscle Pulls
 Repetitive Strain Injuries
 Foot Problems
 Plantar Fasciitis
 Knee Problems
 (Runner's Knee)
 PatelloFemoral Syndrome
 Ankle Sprains

Since Chiropractic has a profound effect on the nervous system many conditions beyond joint and muscle problems can be helped.  As always complicated or life threatening conditions need to be ruled out first to ensure that the patient is not delayed from needed emergency care. 

Nerve Chart

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T10_12controls_ adrenals_kidneys_diaphragmandpsoasanchor

How does Chiropractic do that? The far reaching benefits of Chiropractic can be understood in the following way.  Almost all of the body’s functions are controlled by nerves exiting the spinal cord.  Due to the close proximity between the spinal joints and the delicate spinal nerves, a spinal joint problem can irritate any nerve and increase or decrease its activity (called a subluxation.  The further from the spine a problem develops the more the factors that are needed to fully address it (hormonal / nutritional / environmental / psychological etc.).

Chiropractic treatment, (called an adjustment) alone can be useful in managing and maybe not completely cure a condition, (help control symptoms, increase function, decrease medication dependence, amplify other treatment, etc.).  There is scientific evidence that Chiropractic may assist in such a role in the following conditions: 

Conditions Possibly Managed
 Asthma  Irritable Bowel Syndrome  Menstrual Cramps
 Fatigue  High Blood Pressure
 Upper Respiratory  Infections
 Sinus Problems  Allergies  Attention Deficit /  Learning Disorders

Click below for more information on "subluxation" and "adjustment"!

If Chiropractic is to be effective at least some of the benefit should be seen within the first 4-6 visits and continued treatment or need for referral are assessed accordingly.  

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