Injury Care

At some point in our life every one of us has inevitably suffered a traumatic injury. It can be a sports injury, a lifting injury, a fall, or something with more complicated consequences like an occupational injury or an automobile accident injury. It is first and foremost important to manage the pain effectively, safely, and quickly. It is even more important to have a comprehensive approach to completely recover from the injury and prevent or minimize future problems. Proper chiropractic care offers benefits beyond the commonly used methods typically available.

"Proper" Chiropractic Treatment Benefits

I emphasize the word "proper" because not all Chiropractors are alike. I believe that my approach is fairly comprehensive in combining the healing aspects of hands on body work with contemporary concepts of healthcare and rehabilitation. I constantly strive to expand my education, experience, and treatment methods so I can treat many different conditions and patients with the exact care they might require.

Chiropractic practiced properly will address soft tissue problems, (inflammation, tears, adhesions and scar tissue, spasm, flexibility), joint problems (joint restriction, subluxation, joint capsule adhesions), and neurological control issues, (muscle balance, coordination of movement, elimination of compensation patterns, strength and stability).

Medication, massage, physical therapy and exercise can be great in addressing one or two of the issues but complete chiropractic care addresses all three. Chiropractic correction or an adjustment is the best way to directly and most effectively address spinal or other joint mechanics and the best way to restore nervous system balance as close to normal as possible.

Occupational and Automobile Accident Injuries

In those situations where complicated or legal consequences are unavoidable, it is equally important to have treatment with an experienced professional. Proper overall care, documentation, communications and related case management may prove crucial because your legal rights might be at stake. This means you need to consider more than the quality of your treatment. For that reason our office also offers the following important services in a unique combination with quality individualized care:

• Experience in communicating with insurance companies and    attorneys.
• Experience in complicated insurance procedures, coordination    with standard health insurance benefits.
• Inclusion in most major Health Plans to allow coordination of    benefits. (MA law involves health insurance after initial $2000    paid in all medical bills).
• Full detailed reports and notes that are exact and patient    specific - not just commonplace computer generated    summaries.
• Adherence to documentation guidelines.
• Adherence to treatment guidelines.
• Computerized / Digital testing to measure and demonstrate    injury and findings objectively and indisputably.
• Disability ratings.
• Utilization of current research to justify our care.
• Massage, and many types of treatment to suit all conditions    and preferences from gentle to deeper body work.

What about the quality of care? There many large businesses that specialize in treatment of automobile accident injuries. We are a smaller office that address all injury related concerns but differ from most by having the actual experienced trained professionals, (and owner) administering the care - not inexperienced associate physicians or a quickly trained assistant.

We provide for your immediate pain relief:
massage therapist •physical therapy modalities • nutritional supplements, supportive supplies: (pillows, back supports, braces, etc.).

While you are healing it is important to slowly stretch and strengthen tissues properly to restore them as close to normal as possible. To serve this need we offer guided rehabilitative care, (upper body ergometer, bicycle, balance boards, physioballs, bodyblade, and resistance training such as necksys, synergy, theraband, and limited free weights).

Lastly, most patients feel better after several weeks of treatment and limited activity but encounter problems when they try to resume all the activities they were doing before their injury. As treatment frequency decreases we make sure that you are equipped with the proper education, exercises and prevention methods to make the transition to full activity with as little trouble as possible. We are always available to guide you through trouble spots even after your official treatment has terminated.

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